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Heating with warming radiation


Heating with warming radiation
Infrared heating is becoming more important in the health field and it helps save money!

Heat is healthy. The ancient cultures already knew this. They dug holes in the desert sand or in warm stones, in order to avoid pangs and to increase good health. Warmth means balance of body and spirit and it is also a good indicating device for a good quality of living and life conditions. Security of energy supplies and costs for a healthy, comfortable temperature and air quality will play a decisive role in the future.
The styrian „IHS – Infrarot Heizsystem GmbH„ in Hartberg began very early to invest in the research and the development of efficient, energy-saving heat sources. The result is that the company nowadays is characterised by a good heating technology and has a lot of success in the international market. IHS is the specialist for infrared heating systems. Redwell products utilize only a small amount of energy but they care for a economic, comforting and healthy indoor temperature. The Redwell heating system is characterized by easy installation, flexibility in assembly and is guaranteed to be life-long maintenance free.

And now we have to analyse the radiations in their details: infrared radiation can be perceived but one cannot smell or see it. The first explanation is found in the name. The prefix „Infra“ has a Latin origin and it means „below“ but also „beyond“. This word is evidence for the kind of radiation that infrared is. That is to say infrared is a type of radiation that is not visible in the light spectrum. This kind of radiation is in the unperceivable light spectrum between 780 and one million nanometres. In order to better understand these measures: one nanometre is 70,000 times smaller than a strand of hair. Eyes cannot see this radiation and so the infrared radiation is invisible. We are in any case absolutely sure that the infrared radiation is here. The human skin sensor system can feel it.

Infrared rays work on the basis of long-wave infrared-C radiation that can penetrate the air and warm any type of solid material. Therefore, the difference is also in the air. In comparison to conventional heaters, Infrared heat rays don’t heat up the air, but the masonry.
Walls store heat much longer than air does and they release it back in the living space. In this way, the walls remain dry and mold has no more opportunity to spread itself.
Another advantage is that air doesn’t circulate, thus no dust from any surfaces lift up into the air.
Besides the argument that this infrared heater saves energy, it also has an easy installation, lifetime easy maintenance, and an appealing design. The heating elements are designed so that it is possible to mount in on any wall and one can even mount it on the celing with the plastic corners. The only requirements are an electrical outlet and a power supply.
The heating element surface is available in 3 colours (white, red and blue), in black panel, with various patterns, as well as a frameless mirror as an example in glass design. The frame can be ordered in aluminium, wood or in a white design. The product offering includes different radiator design, whose number is increasing thanks to the research and development that works constantly.

Heat, the effect.
Evolution has moulded people to be able to absorb Infrared heat and even our immune system is positively affected by this.- this is truly a blessing for body and soul! Infrared radiation increases skin circulation, stimulates the metabolism, is very hygienic, and prevents the dispersion of dust and has a purifying effect. Rheumatoid patients react very well to the lack of air circulation and the constant humidity, and the same can be found in asthma patients. They also benefit from the absence of dust and stable humidity. Allergy suffering can take a sigh or even better, a deep breath since there is now no swirl of dust, pollen, bacteria or mold.
Moreover, the infrared heat, in respect to other heating methods, has the advantage that the body is penetrated to a great extent on the biological spectrum by the emitted infrared radiation. In this way, the self-healing power of the human body and the immune system become strong and also any cell stress is suppressed and better compensated.

Redwell – Infrared heating system, the wellbeing feeling for your home. Designed with the latest environmental and economical criteria. Highest quality, enormous flexibility and convincing features characterize all the heating elements. This intelligent solution of heating offers individual planning and a large working space and makes each heating element a special exemplar.

(c) IHS Redwell, September 2009