Eco-friendly systems for the home or business.

Ecotech supply and install Infrared Heating, Eco-Cooling, Energy Monitors and Solar Power.

Based in the Ipswich area, but with a capability to supply and install nationwide, Ecotech are accredited suppliers and installers of Redwell's award-winning Infrared heating systems, Evaporative cooling systems from Eco Cooling and smart Energy Monitors that can monitor and tune your energy consumption down to the level of each individual ciruit. We are also accredited Solar Panel installers, here to help you plan, install and operate a solar installation and reap the benefits of the new Feed-in Tariff. Welcome to our site! Please browse around our extensive range. We are happy to answer any questions!

Infrared Heating

Redwell Infrared heating: proven energy-efficiency

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Infrared heating can deliver energy efficiencies up to 70% the equivalent consumption of oil or gas heating. For example, a 4 room house that consumes 10.25 kWh of gas, uses only 3.714 kWh of electricity. And Redwell heaters have now been proven to be more efficient even when compared with other IR heating makes*. Please browse around our Infra Red pages for more information.

Other benefits.

Unlike oil or gas boilers or electric fan heaters, Infrared heaters have no moving parts. Part life is estimated at 100 years+ and the units require no maintenance. No Redwell unit has yet failed post shipping. IR heaters don't require flues, chimneys, pipes or storage tanks for fuel. They are very easy to install. It is true: if you can hang a picture and wire a plug, you can install an IR heater.

Good for your health and better for the environment

Infrared heats like the rays of the sun and are therefore a natural form of warmth, stimulating your metabolism and immune system. And because the warmth is radiated, rather than convected (i.e. circulated) you won't feel draughts or chills. Disease and dust are therefore less likley to spread and mould cannot form where warm damp air hitsa cold surface. IR heaters are also classified as "low electrosmog" by the IGEF and TÜV. This means they do not emit harmful radiation.

Redwell Guarantees

Certified energy saving systems

We guarantee Redwell Infrared Heating products for 60 months. There have been no failures since production began in 2000.

Please browse our Infra-red Heating pages and if you want ot know more, please let us know!

* Research conducted by the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki 2010.

Evaporative Cooling

90% more energy efficient than air conditioning!

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative Cooling systems consume only 10% of the energy consumed by air-conditioning. In fact the actual "cooling" effect is a natural gift from nature and the only energy consumption you have to provide is to move the air! Evaporative coolers work by using most filter pads to remove the heat from the air passed through them. There are absolutely no refrigerants used in Evaporative Cooling.

Easier and cheaper to install than Air Conditioning

Simplified Air-flow means cheaper installation

Because Evaporative Coolers are simpler than Air con, they are cheaper to buy and install. You do have to think in a slightly different way about installation. Because whereas Aircon requires a building to be air-tight, Evaporative Cooling requires the opposite! You need to draw air in, pass it through the building and eject it at the other end. This therefore makes it possible to use ceilings, floor voids, corridors etc as ready-made air ducts. Exactly the things you want to avoid with air conditioning!

Good for you; better for the environment.

Evaporative Cooling draws in external air and chills it. You can therefore leave doors and windows open. Air conditioning on the other hand requires doors and windows to remain firmly shut, so it can keep recycling the same old stale inside air. This is intrinsically unhealthy and partly underlies the cause of so many workplace diseases.

To find out more, please browse our Eco Cooling pages and if you have questions, please Contact us!

Energy Monitors

Knowledge is power!

Energy Monitors

The mere fact of monitoring how much you are spending on electricity raises an awareness of the efficiency of each electrical item in your home or business and how you are using it. We can confidently say that at the very least the installation of even a simple energy monitor will save you 10% from your energy bill. With our more complex models that can monitor individual circuits in a building, client case history demonstrates figures over time of between 10 - 25% savings off your consumption.

We provide a domestic monitor, the "Eco Eye" which you can place anywhere convenient to you - as long as it's within range of the sender, which clips over the wire going into your meter. Eco Eye provides you a real-time read out (in Pounds and pence) of your consumption (so you can see the effect of leaving lights on etc.) It is estimated this increased awareness alone leads to behaviour changes that can save up to 10% from your electricity bill.

We also provide a commercial monitor, the Edd:e, which you fit to every circuit you want to monitor and results are forwarded to a central server where they can be aggregated and analysed. Savings of up to 27% on consumption have been proven using Edd:e.

So easy to switch

Edd:e monitoring diagram

The domestic monitor clips onto the main feed wire entering your house at the meter. It then beams a signal to the receiver which you can place anywhere (within range) in your house.

Our commercial monitors have senders which slip over the circuit breaker output points on your distribution panels. These then transmit usage information to a forwarding device which then relays the data to a central server where it is aggregated and made available for reporting. (Numerous erport types are available).

For more information, please browse our Energy Monitors page and contact us for a demonstration and further information.

Solar Power and the Feed-in Tariff

A good investment for your wallet and the planet!

Solar Panel

Before the announcement of the Solar "Feed-in Tariff" in April 2010, the investment case for solar was touch-and go. The Energy Savings Trust figures showed that a typical domestic house with a 2KWh solar panel installation would reduce its electic bill by approximately £110 per annum (taking > 100 years to make a return ). However, with the "Feed-in Tariff" scheme, where you are paid an index linked, guaranteed generation fee for each kW put back into the grid over 25 years, the same house hold would still save the £110 by generating its own electricity, but would now earn £700 per annum from the Generation tariff; (the sum paid to you per kilowatt for generating your own electricity) PLUS £25 per annum from the export tariff; (the sum paid to you for generating more than you need to consume).

This makes a saving of £830 per year. The return on investment now fits within a reasonable timeperiod easily within the 25 year guaranteed fixed period, as a result of which solar power now makes an exciting investment proposition in the UK.

Ecotech supplies both Domestic and Commercial markets using the latest Solar Panel technology from Germany, world leader in Solar Power. We also use our own MCS qualified installers to help you plan your power requirements and opportunities and conduct the installation and can also arrange to manage the tariff for you.

Find out more about your own Solar Energy generation and the feed-in tariff and contact us today!

Ecotech's vision

Ecotech's vision is be the supplier of choice for the highest quality energy efficient products for the Domestic, Commercial and Public Sector markets in and around Ipswich and a trust-mark installer UK-wide. We not only supply and install all products we offer, but are active in evaluating the many types of energy saving, eco-friendly and economically viable products to offer to our customers in the future. 

About Ecotech

Redwell Infrared Mirror Wave panel 

Ecotech was formed by Nigel and Jill Williams, who have combined 35 years experience in the electrical installations and retail trades, so that they can offer their customers, not only professional sales and after sales service, but also the knowledge that all the heating products they offer, have not only been tested and approved by all the relevant institutions and governing bodies, but also, evaluated by somebody with many years experience in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of electrical equipment and be on hand to help with any queries that may arise during the planning and installation of all their heating panels.

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