How does Infrared Heating work?

Infrared waves do not need air or water to submit warmth - when infrared waves which are emitted from the Redwell infrared heating units, reach objects in the room (walls, ceilings, floors, interior objects and the human body), they are either absorbed by them or reflected. Infrared waves which are reflected touch other objects until the waves are completely absorbed. Infrared waves first heat the upper layer of the masonry; most of this energy is returned to the room.

What are Infrared Waves?

How is it possible that the sun‘s heat travels millions of kilometres through the deep cold space and still warms us here on earth?
This phenomenon is made possible through electromagnetic waves which lie just under the visible range of light (lat. infra). These electromagnetic waves cause molecules to oscillate and free up energy, which is perceived by humans as warmth. Unlike shorter waves such as x-ray waves for example, infrared waves have a very positive effect on humans.


Redwell Infraed Heating gives you healthy warmth, as it should be.

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